Tuff Tray

The children enjoyed the tuff tray activities, learning about shape, pattern, colour mixing and how to change the consistency of something i.e. getting very messy making slime……. Or that was the idea.

January & February 2018

This is what active learning looks like……. Whilst having fun!

New Playground

Those of you who can remember, we had decking at the back of our Pre-School, as well as an old plastic ‘dome’ climbing frame.

Thanks to all the fundraising done over the last few years, we were able to install a brand new ‘safe’ surface and climbing frame over the summer.

With the new climbing frame, the children are naturally taking risks and extending their physical play.

They also enjoy using the colours and different areas on the surface as part of their imaginary play e.g. the blue area used as a ‘river/road/walkway’.

Learning Through Nature

This half term we started spending one session a week in nature.

Initially some of us (children and adults) were a bit apprehensive and ‘scared’ to do things.  However, after third session, it was amazing to see how the children have adapted their learning. 

Children, who initially didn’t want to take ‘risks’ were climbing over/under objects.  They were going in the stream without asking to hold hands etc.


  • used clay and natural objects to make various things e.g. tree fairies, people, hedgehogs etc.
  • used peelers to peel carrots so that the animals could have some food
  • experimented with natural objects to see which items floated/sunk, would fly away in the breeze
  • made a bridge with large sticks and branches for the troll and Billy Goats gruff
  • used flints to make sparks to help us start a fire
  • used hammers to hammer pegs into the ground and spades to dig holes
  • used sticks, mud, flowers and leaves to draw pictures and ‘colour’ the pictures. We also made crowns.
  • enjoyed splashing, pouring and damming up water in the stream
  • learnt about all the animals and found some ‘holes’ where they live.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Many of our children’s parents/carers/family and friends, joined us for our coffee morning.

We raised an amazing £117.24 of which most of it was gift aided, which meant raising even more than that for this amazing cause!